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Our Vizslas

Cedrus Lany Panna-Cea JH

PANNA - 06/03/2006 - 01/05/2018

Sire – NAFC FC AFC Kal-Cam’s Red Thunder

Dam – Szikra’s Colsidex in Red MH

The matriarch of our Vizsla family and the beginning of our line. She has a JH title and has achieved points toward her FC and AFC title. Like her father and mother she has the amazing natural hunting instincts that you love to see in a Vizsla. She is Momma Panna to three litters of puppies. She is also affectionately known as “Panna Banana”.

Szikra’s Dragonheart MH

SID 03/23/2004 - 09/03/2016

Sire – CH Szikra’s Beresfor Lionheart SH

Dam – Szikra’s Colsidex in Red MH

Sid is a great addition to our family and fits in with our pack beautifully. He truly represents the name “Velcro Dog” perfectly. Plus he is an amazing hunter and has achieved the MH title – The highest you can achieve in the Hunt Test Venue. He is ½ brother to Panna and uncle to Amber and is Ray’s best buddy. The only boys in our home have to stick together. Sid is affectionately known as “Super Sid”.

GCH CH Stapors Firepoint Tala-Amber CGC

AMBER - 05/11/2011

Sire – CH Copper Creek Fire Point Denver JH

Dam – Cedrus Lany Panna-Cea JH

Amber is the daughter of Panna and niece to Sid. And she is an absolute love – she loves to hug and give kisses to everyone. She has achieved her Grand Champion championship title in the show ring and is a work in progress in the hunting venue. We chose her from Panna’s first litter because of her great nature and natural hunting instincts. She is Momma Amber to four litters of puppies. She is affectionately known as “Glamour Amber”.

Stapor's Logan - Heart of the Red Heather Glens JH FDC CGC TKN

LOGAN - 02/07/2017

Sire – CH Heelmark's Taj Royale JH

Dam – GCH CH Stapors Firepoint Tala-Amber CGC

Logan is the daughter of Amber and granddaughter to Panna. She is our fiesty, funny, loveable pup that makes us laugh everyday. We are excited about what the future holds for Logan.

Stapor's Careen My Way To Your Heart

Carina - 05/05/2022

Sire - GCHB CH Linmar N Brazenrock Winston On The Woof JH CGC TKN

Dam - Stapor's Logan - Heart Of The Red Heather Glens JH FDC CGC TKN

Carina won a special place in our hearts and we knew from the very beginning she was a keeper. She has let us know what a truly high energy lovable Vizsla is all about. She is our work in progress and keeps us entertained everyday.